"I really needed this encouragement. I found the delivery organised, logical and therefore easy to implement ideas." Cathy

"I like Sara's honesty...& that I am not alone. Particularly "erratic brain" this is me" Andrea

"Lovely presenter. Made us feel we could achieve success by taking a few steps" Adriana

"Great step by step and mindful approach; A great relief to be given tools how to approach my clutter!" Anonymous

"A big thank you to Sara for broaching this topic in a gentle way and for genuinely understanding that some people may feel challenged for various reasons." Anonymous

"Thank you Sara, for your non-judgemental manner and clear presentation style" Alicia

"A great introduction to decluttering & how to work forward freeing oneself from the "stuff" Johanna

"Good to know where I can buy containers & what I do with stuff I already have" Susan

"Liked how it was broken down into separate areas/rooms in your home" Claire

"Loved the pricing options ; presenter spoke really well ; liked the useful links" Colleen

"Good schemes and memory cues to keep decluttering. Great information about vast range of containers available." Grahame

"Great! Reminded me of a few areas I need to get sorted! I'm motivated now :)" Workshop Attendee

"Loved the personable interaction & education" Liz

"Love Sara's examples. Loved hearing how her brain's not organised, but has become so now! There's hope for me! ... Am motivated now! Not so scared! Thank you!" Karen

"Thank you Sara. Your presentation was clear and made a whole lot of sense" Heather

"Like all the topics and the way they were covered with variety of 'real life' examples. Thank you!" Clare

"I am now going home to start organising my office and deciding what system would work for me. It has really made me think about taking the stress away when I am unable to find something." Lesley

"Everything was useful and I feel motivated to act NOW" Jill

"Provided practical guidance to help the problem." Mal

"Great information - easy steps to follow. Exceeded my expectations" Mary

"Professional and warm delivery

Great pace and content

Useful and engaging and very easy to follow and understand

Very impressive presentation - I would highly recommend to others!

Thank you!!" Sophie

"Really well presented/highly informative, thanks :)" Julian

"Great balance of humour, excellent content and well structured presentation. Good quality audio/visual used"

"Really great concepts and taster for new ways of thinking about 'stuff'. Inspirational. Loved it!" Kate

"Enjoyed the whole talk. Gave effective time management strategies eg zones, 4 x boxes" Robyn

“Loved listening to real life stories” Natasha

“Learnt heaps” Lian

“Thank you, really enjoyed the presentation” Donna

“Very relatable. Easy to follow advice with practical steps to approach the problem.” Shane

“Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge base” Thea

“I really enjoyed this session and am fired up to attach my 2 tubs of photos and those on devices. Thank you” Noelene

“This was REALLY helpful, and timely for me! It provided “lightbulb” solutions for what is an enormous problem for me in my retirement.” June Waters

“Am inspired to go home and really try to start decluttering” Anne

“Very informative and well presented” Clare

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – great tips and ideas, thank you” Hilary Finney

“Really found some of the storage solutions available very useful info” Leanne

“Thank you, amazing” Merridy

“Presenter was organised and interesting and easy to listen to. Very enjoyable – learnt some good tips!” Tina Kenevin

“Sara you really responded well to the questions and comments of the group.” Deborah Bowers

“Clear handouts. Practical tips.” Petula

“Found the advice to be really practical and easy to understand. Looking forward to getting started!” Leanne

“Loved the photographic examples – visuals are always good. Your experiences and how you tackled challenges were great”Taryn Johnston

“Excellent lunchtime workshop – very valuable” Angela

“I learnt two valuable ideas especially pertinent to me, which I am eager to begin to apply. Thank you so much!!” Ellen O'Dempsey

“Today’s session has de-mystified digital photo care and I am extremely grateful that you have provided these info sessions and this has motivated me into creating and sorting. Thank you for the inspiration.” Stella Hast

“Thank you so much for the workshop. It helped to enhance my decluttering and re-organising journey.” Pam Hunter

“Learnt a lot of ideas I had not thought of before. Prices of storage items was very helpful and supplier store names.” Stella Hast

“Practical!” John Millar

“Very useful storage products for demonstration. Thank you for the very helpful advice. Feeling inspired to continue to declutter.” Roz Hanley

“I liked the system to start sorting and a method of moving forward.” Judy Wilkinson

“Great comments. Easy to follow. Simple approach.” Kerry Whittaker

“I enjoyed your workshop [Fun Ways to Organise Your Home] at Civic Centre Library recently. The work book was one of the most useful I have taken away from a seminar and one I will keep. Having pictures of actual storage products with information on where to buy them, with prices, was inspirational.

… Wardrobe and linen cupboards I find easy to cull and keep neat but the kitchen was too hard for too long. It’s amazing how inexpensive storage can organise a kitchen so well.

So thank you for showing me storage that I didn’t know was available and suggesting using them in different ways.” Brenda Mitchell

“Down to earth and practical and you’re nice and calm” Gail Shaw

“I really liked the budget storage solutions” Renee Carter

“It touched on the day to day problems with storage and decluttering so that was useful.” Verna Desker

“Concrete examples, real experiences, anecdotes were very helpful.”Vivian Matsumura

Thank you. Another interesting workshop. Good follow up to the decluttering workshop.” Moira Main

“I loved the examples of storage on the handout – especially measurements and pricing.” Kylie Cuthbert

“Sara spoke well and related well to the audience. Examples and options really struck a chord with me and I hope to put ideas learned into practice asap.” Jane Donald

“It was good – the anecdotes bring the content alive.” Julie Mustapic

“Great ideas and inspiration to attack the decluttering issue which I would love to be able to do.” Moira Main

The tips were really great. It really motivated me to make the start. The step through the process were very helpful. Great opportunity to get some practical advice.” Loretta Nelson

“I really enjoyed the way Sara personalised this workshop and shared her own experiences.” Sally

“Presenter very personable, relaxed and easy to listen to. Non-judgmental. Glad I came. Thank you” Laine Fraser

“Thanks Sara for a superb workshop. Everyone was motivated and enthusiastic about the tasks that were previously unachievable that were now manageable. I found Sara’s workshop an inspiring experience.” SueEllen Le Page – Adult Services Coordinator

“Thank you has re-invigorated me to go home and do a room!” Deb McGrath

“Wonderful, lots of great ideas about creating a process – feel inspired and ready to tackle.” Ali Hansen

“Kudos for the wonderful presentation and advice shared :) Indeed, I agree (most importantly) at the end of the day, is that we have to be gentle with ourselves (as Sara mentioned) and not to be stressed with the mess :)” Angeline Chan

“Thank you so much. I feel I can now tackle and declutter my house. You make it feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” Lesley Ayres

“I attended the Armadale Library last month to hear you talk. It was informative, and since then we have de-cluttered many parts of our house/storage and held a garage sale. The left-overs are packaged ready to take to an Op Shop (I promise I will this week!).” Margaret Bamford

“The Declutter Your Life workshop was very well received. The event got a huge response from the community and as a result the session ran at maximum capacity. The library got a lot of positive feedback after the event.” Leanne Fitzgerald – Community Engagement Librarian

“I really enjoyed the workshop. Gave me lots of ideas to help me sort out my shed and computer room. Thanks Sara” Barry Cooper

“Liked that, (as usual), I am not the only person who can become overwhelmed with thought of decluttering!!” Di Lutman

“I liked how she talked about ways to organize and declutter. Also about her animals. I liked her friendly manner and friendliness.” Natalie

“I liked that there are clear steps to follow. It gives you a focus to begin the process. Looking forward to the challenge!!” Hazel

“Thank you for all the information, feeling empowered to get it done!! “ Michelle

“Thank you. I have just started a declutter process, and this information is very helpful.” Margaret Bamford

“Thank you for all your advice and suggestions.” Andy Vernie

“It was great thanks.” Roxene Murphy

“I really liked the examples that she gave of situations relating to the subject matter.” Sandy Young

“Lots of information, excellent tips, very informative and useful. I feel inspired by Sara and can’t wait to commence my decluttering.” Jo

“Hi Sara. It was an amazing morning and the feedback was all brilliant… We have had a wonderful response and the website hits were the highest for any session we have had.” Clara Lukin – Library program organiser

“Hi Sara, it was very lucky for me that I attended your seminar on the first day of a weeks holiday, I took the week off as I could no longer put up with the mess that was the way I lived. Have sent you some of my pics but they do not really tell you the full story, as I have got rid of a whole shelving unit that was taking up to much space in my tiny kitchen, my fridge is now user friendly and i can now shop and know that i am not doubling no sorry quadrupling up. You can use the pics if they are any good to you.

Your seminar has helped me look at my life and the way I do things and i now have a freedom that comes with routine, I use to think freedom was not needing routine. So thank you thank you.” Colleen Ross

“Thank you so much for your time at the workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was extremely motivated.

I am used to initiating a declutter at home and being highly excited about the end result before I even begin, whereas my husband is normally dreading the decluttering exercise and often dampens my enthusiasm.

Therefore, I had already decided on leaving Midland that I would start the first phase of my decluttering (sorting) without even engaging the help of my husband.

Well, was I in for a surprise! When I came home from my workshop with you, I shared your tips, common behaviours and planning advice with him.

Just because I was so impressed and happy to change my behaviours and start making a difference to my house.

Oh my gosh, the next day, my husband said “I’m so glad that you went to that workshop. I’m actually really excited about decluttering our house. Which room shall we start with and when can we start”. I was blown away. I told him that was the first time in 14 years that he’s ever been excited about me initiating work within the house that he’s involved in. We had a chuckle together!!

Anyway, we followed your tips, planned the declutter, stuck to our 3 hour time limit and managed to clear out 2 whole cupboards. Mostly was baby items that we could sell and some to give away. There are a few items left behind for me to find the right storage box for.

We haven’t finished the room yet but we have completed 2 out of the 3 zones in the room, so we are on the right way to having a new room to use.


“Would love it to go on and on (ie length). Very enjoyable even if emotional at times.” Workshop attendee

“Has kept me motivated.” Workshop attendee

“Thank you for very handy tips.” Workshop attendee

“Lots of practical suggestions and solutions.” Workshop attendee

“Enjoyed it so much – could have gone on longer!! Well done Sara – loved the course!!” Workshop attendee

“It was a really good group and you helped the dynamic by being so relaxed and prepared to share” Workshop attendee

“I was able to tackle the clutter with a plan which really worked. Thank you!!” Workshop attendee

“Enjoyed interactiveness, looking forward to bringing it altogether next week.” Workshop attendee

“It is comforting to know I am not the only one with clutter issues. Although a lot of the information seems like common sense, until it was said, I didn’t realise the implications. Can’t wait to get started on the declutter.” Workshop attendee

“All very good, and gave us the last exercise, a vision statement to do, which I think really made us think why we there and why that’s time going to unclutter; also in the group setting easy to see that others different ages/sex having same issue – not on own.” Workshop attendee

“I really liked the examples of solutions for other clients. Made me think outside the square for storage issues at home.” Workshop attendee

“We shared our de-cluttering experiences with each other and everyone agreed that your presentation and the information/tips that you shared was fantastic.” Workshop attendee

“Great tips and suggestions provided. Motivational.” Workshop attendee

“…topic was well presented by a knowledgeable presenter; it was interesting, practical, enlightening, inspiring and informative. Presenter spoke clearly and was very patient…” Workshop attendee