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If you live near Perth or plan to visit and you’re the type of person who thrives in group social settings, we’d like to invite you to one of our upcoming live workshops.

These high-energy gatherings help participants get their confidence back – it’s reassuring to discover that pretty much everyone shares the same struggles when it comes to decluttering their lives. Maybe someone’s still struggling to overcome a challenge you’ve beaten… this is the perfect environment to share your own solutions and learn some new ones.

Every workshop’s guided, of course, by professional organisers like Sara Hall, TOS founder, to ensure you walk away with the ideas, knowledge, confidence, and drive you need to start decluttering your home and life right away… and for real.

  • Meet new friends and share your experiences together
  • Develop positive mindsets and habits that make organisation easier
  • Discover which thoughts that hold you back from meaningful progress
  • Get focused professional guidance, custom-tuned for your specific situation
  • Access support materials and life-management systems you won’t find elsewhere

Sometimes it feels easier to just not think about it; to keep doing more of the same and hope everything works itself out. Decluttering your life can seem scary, especially if you worry that means getting rid of keepsakes you treasure.

A lot of people feel this way when they walk through the door. But they’re singing a much happier tune by the time we’re through!

Getting yourself organised can be much easier – and a lot more fun – than it seems. Promise! Why not drop in for a visit? We’d love to meet you.

Live talks

Get Your Home Study Organised

Frustrated by piles of paperwork, not being able to find what you need, a desk with no working space?

Wish you could push the pause or rewind button...and remove unnecessary chaos and stress...

Join Professional Organiser Sara Hall in this interactive workshop and learn the key steps in decluttering and organising your home office.

Declutter your House and Mind

Does clutter affect the way you work and live? Clutter has a huge impact on our lives and the environment. Join Professional Organiser Sara Hall in this fun and interactive workshop and learn the key steps in decluttering and organising your home to turn an overwhelming task into an easily manageable project.

"Presenter very personable, relaxed and easy to listen to. Non-judgmental. Glad I came. Thank you" Attendee

Fun & Cheap Ways to Organise your Home

Wasted storage solutions is a huge clutter trap! Containers purchased with good intention often go unused. In this fun and interactive workshop, Professional Organiser Sara Hall will show you how to get it right the first time. Sara will also share some of her favourite budget storage containers and how to creatively use them.

" I enjoyed your workshop. The work book was one of the most useful I have taken away from a seminar and one I will keep… thank you for showing me storage that I didn't know was available and suggesting using them in different ways." Attendee

Digital photo sorting

Finally get your treasured photo memories sorted!

Commit one hour and enjoy a lifetime of memories. Join Professional Organiser Sara Hall in this fun and interactive 'how-to' guide. Giving you the tools and tips to do the project in the comfort of your own home.

Attendees must have a basic computer knowledge as a minimum. Participants do not need to bring anything.

" I really enjoyed this session and am fired up to attach my 2 tubs of photos and those on devices. Thank you" Noelene